February 10, 2011

Getting ready for 'les îles de Tahiti'

Maupiti sunset

Aloha kakou,

Just a couple of days until Saturday, Feb. 12, when we leave for another adventure to the beautiful islands of Tahiti.  I think in our minds we have already left....  Will be spending a few days on Tahiti in Pape‘ete, and then off to Rangiroa in the Tuamotu atolls.

Also, I have just been confirmed to guest lecture on the "Aranui 3" out of Pape‘ete, Tahiti from July 16-29.  The cruise ship/barge tours throughout the Tuamotu and Marquesas archipelago.

I will be giving several archaeological on-site visits throughout the cruise, and three "tentative" lectures:
  • Polynesian voyaging/migration/settlement, 
  • regional history, and
  • material culture of the region.
So excited about this trip - I am really looking forward to seeing the southern Marquesas (haven't been there before), as well as seeing many good friends on Nuku Hiva in Anaho and Hatiheu.

For my adventurous friends/family - would be great if you could join me on the Aranui 3 in July.  Check out their site at: http://www.aranui.com  Let me know! Would be a blast to have friends and/or family aboard.  Uncle Jack??? You hearing me??!!

I will try to send out update notices during this immediate "adventure" when I am able. Not sure how my Internet situation will be once we're in French Polynesia.... :)

a hui hou!

Taputapuatea, Raiatea

Taputapuatea, Raiatea


Taha'a Vanilla


Albert - guide de Maupiti professional!

Maupiti Sunset