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I am an anthropologist based in Polynesia. My schooling is from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (BA, Anthropology, with Distinction), and University of Auckland, New Zealand (MA, Anthropology, with Honors).

Living on our beautiful island of Kauai, I oversee the Interpretive Program with our Hawaii State Parks. The Interpretive Program involves working with numerous cultural heritage preservation groups, as well as public outreach and education, archaeology, interpretive development, and much, much more.

I serve on the:
- County of Kauai Historic Preservation Review Commission,
Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Board of Directors,Treasurer,
Bishop Museum Association Council, and Cultural Initiatives Committee (Traditions of the Pacific), Council Member,
Nā Pali Coast ‘Ohana Board Member, and

I am also a former Archaeology Collections Manager with the Anthropology Department of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, and have worked on numerous archaeological and historic preservation projects with this institution.

To date, I've worked on archaeological projects in Easter Island, New Zealand, my home of Hawai‘i, and throughout French Polynesia, including Anaho, Nuku Hiva (Marquesas) and ‘Opunohu, Mo‘orea (Societies), where we extensively surveyed, mapped, and excavated ancient house sites and religious structures. My research primarily focuses on how people of the past used their material culture and natural resources.  I specialize in zooarchaeology (study of ancient animal bones) and have analyzed numerous archaeological faunal assemblages from New Zealand, Tubuai, Guam, and Hawai‘i. I have also conserved ancient Polynesian pearlshell fishhooks from the Marquesas.

Collaborating on several on-going Hawaiian archaeological site preservation projects, I continue to document and perpetuate today's "traditional practices" that stem from a deep and rich cultural history.

My research includes:
- Conservation of Polynesian archaeological sites and traditional material culture,
- Cultural heritage education and preservation practices, 
Archaeology of ancient house sites and religious structures,
- Traditional Polynesian voyaging and trade systems.

I am also a regular lecturer on the Aranui 3 - a freighter/cruise liner that travels from Pape'ete, Tahiti throughout the Marquesas Islands and back. My lectures include topics such as archaeology, ethnology, and material culture of the Marquesas, as well as Polynesian traditional voyaging. Please check-out the Aranui website for schedules - and please join me on a voyage!

I love to travel (mom says my first word was "go"), take photographs (thanks Dad!), and learn about history and cultures. I was born an Army brat in Missouri, went to primary school in Okinawa during the US-Vietnam Conflict, and have lived in five US states. I've also lived in New Zealand, France, and spent heaps of time all over Polynesia, especially our paradise home of Hawai‘i nei.  I have a heavenly son and a beautiful daughter with three darling thriving grandchildren (they have a great mom!), along with my large loving family (whom I don't see often enough!).

I am happily married to my best friend Randy Nawa‘a Wichman who is part Native Hawaiian and a historian of Polynesia, especially of Kaua‘i and Hawai‘i. He is well versed in Kaua‘i genealogy, place names and legends, following a family tradition of several generations. Randy is very active with Hawaiian historic preservation, especially with heiau, and considers himself a "soldier for the ancestors."  He serves on several historic preservation councils, commissions, non-profit land and cultural stewardship boards, and a Kaua‘i Hawaiian civic club. 

We live a very adventurous life together. 

En français:
Victoria Wichman est une ancienne Directrice des Collections Archéologiques au Musée Bishop à Honolulu, Hawai‘i.

Mme Wichman a participé à des projets archéologiques à travers la Polynésie française, y compris la vallée de Anaho sur l'île de Nuku Hiva (Marquises) et ‘Opunohu, Mo‘orea (Île Société). Le travail de Mme Wichman comprend l'archéologie enquête, la cartographie, et la fouille d'ancienne maison et les structures religieuses. Sa recherche se concentre sur comment les gens du passé utilisé leur culture matérielle et des ressources naturelles, et elle se spécialise en archéozoologie (étude des ossements d'animaux anciens).

Elle a également travaillé pour d'importants projets archéologiques en Nouvelle-Zélande, à l'île de Pâques, ainsi qu’à Hawaï où elle réside. 

Mme Wichman et son mari ont navigué dans de nombreuses parties de la Polynésie (y compris l'archipel des Marquises Nord) en utilisant la navigation aux étoiles tout en escortant les pirogues à voile traditionnelles telles que le Hōkūle‘a.

Actuellement, elle a des projets archéologiques en cours avec le Bishop Museum, le Hawai‘i State Parks, et l'International Archéologique Research Institute, Inc. Elle travaille avec les communautés hawaïennes, notamment les associations s’occupant de la préservation du patrimoine culturel, en tant qu’archéologue consultante pour les projets à caractère culturel.

You can contact us by leaving a message below, 
or by email at: 
Mahalo for visiting my little blog!
Mālama pono, a hui hou,
 ~ Victoria 


  1. Love it Vicki;c) Would love to stay updated! Have Booked marked you on our "Tool Bar". Looking forward to reading.

    I'll leave you with this thought for now:

    "“Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.”

    Ernest Hemingway ......

    Keep a weathered eye on the horizon sis;c)

  2. Very cool site Vicki.... you do live a blesssed and exciting life! I want more info.... Laurie Hirschenhofer Voshell

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