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Po‘ipū ulu with Hanapepe Pa‘akai
Randy's "classic" recipe
"Pp‘ipū breadfruit with traditional Hanapepe sea salt""
December 2010

Holoholo on Hawai‘i Island
Ancient Hawai‘i Island sites, and
good fun with Alice Storey

Père Lachaise Cemetery
Paris, France
August 2010

Food in Paris
August 2010

5th Arrondissement
My vacation apartment and neighborhood
Paris, France
August 2010

Panthèon and other places in Paris
Near my vacation apartment in the 5th Arrondissement
Paris, France
August 2010

Ile-de-France with Michel Orliac 
for the ICAZ conference
"Magdalenian" fieldtrip outside of Paris, France
August 2010

Vienna, Austria
Enjoying my first trip to one of our "Hirschenhofer" family's motherlands

Vienna Museum für Völkers Kunde
(Vienna Museum of Ethnology)
with exhibit of Captain Cook's Pacific Treasures
Vienna, Austria

Mont Saint Michel
Brittany, France

Paris, France
Visit with me, Randy, and his parents
May 2008

Southwest Ancient Pueblos
Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico
November 2007