January 11, 2013

2012 in review, and what's up for 2013

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!  Happy New Year!

Aloha! Hard to believe I've posted this photo "adventure" blog for the past two years now. At the beginning, I was hesitant of starting - wasn't quite sure what I was in for!  Now, looking through my numerous compiled posts and thousands of photos, I am pleased I began this journey and cannot believe all we have been fortunate to experience.

2012 was full of many blessings - Most importantly our family is well, we have shared special memories with good friends, embraced new friends, met many fascinating people, been busy with our various projects, and experienced lots of memorable adventures and travel.

We spent a lot of time here on our island of Kauai working in Nu'alolo Kai and Miloli'i on Na Pali coast, some time up the mountain in Koke'e and all around Kauai, as well as the island of Hawaii.

'Aha Awa ceremony for Hokule'a at Nu'alolo Kai, Kauai  July 2012 (Photo by Michael Shintani)

I also spent two months in Tahiti and two cruises to the Marquesas again as one of the Aranui 3 onboard lecturers.  Looks like my anthropological lectures are going to be an annual adventure - "Mauruuru roa" to the Wong family, owners of the Aranui (CPTM), for sponsoring me!  I give three lectures in English and three in French, and am onboard to answer passengers' questions and talk story about the islands.  Thus far, my Marquesas topics include a synopsis of the archaeology, ethnology, and material culture of these mesmerizing islands. I also talk about traditional Polynesian voyaging and settlement patterns throughout the Pacific during ancient times (along with today's cultural voyaging resurgence), including Polynesians sailing to both the Americas. Check out my numerous posts of these enchanting islands and the Aranui 3 - I have heaps of photos from many trips.  And, I am scheduled to be onboard the Aranui 3 again this year July - You should join me! Truly an amazing experience!

Me'ae Iipona, Puamau, Hiva Oa
Aranui 3 at Ua Huka
Looks like we're going to do a bit of a "repeat" of 2012 during 2013 - sounds good to me! Lots of fieldwork planned on Na Pali, Kauai this summer, along with a couple of faunal analysis projects and article writing, several monthly non-profit Board of Director meetings and events etc., a couple of conferences to attend and another to help organize, and my Marquesas lectures and "onboard expert" cruise with the Aranui 3 during July - gotta' love it!  Okay, I admit I'm a geek, but look at my photos - definitely not suffering here!

Please enjoy my photos posted below which are only a sample of a very busy 2012 (heaps more photos in my other posts).

All the best to you and your loved ones for a super 2013 – new year, new energy!  Enjoy my photos and drop me a line  - would love to hear from you!


Patrick Kirch visiting us at the Kauai Historical Society (Oct. 2012)
Patrick Kirch giving a lecture for the Kauai Historical Society (Oct. 2012)
Poipu, Kauai (Photo by Randy Wichman Sept. 2012)
Kahua o Kaneiolouma, Poipu, Kauai (Photo by Randy Wichman Sept. 2012)
Kalalau, Kauai
Kokee Mailelaulii vine re-foresting project with Queen Deborah Kapule Hawaiian Civic Club and guests from PMRF, at Kokee, Kauai

Blessings from Ha'upu, Kauai, New Year's Day 2013
Kealoha at Bishop Museum, BMAC Ulu Workshop
Chanting for Prince Kuhio
Prince Kuhio
Students chant for Hui Malama Kaneiolouma, Poipu, Kauai
Beautiful Mele Kalama Kingman proudly wearing kapa po'ulu, or breadfruit bark cloth, at our BMAC Ulu Workshop
Making tapa from breadfruit bark, at Bishop Museum
Uncle James Kimokeo
Queen Deborah Kapule and Hanalei Hawaiian Civic Club members, Prince Kuhio celebration, Hoai, Kauai
At Prince Kuhio celebration, Hoai, Kauai
Volunteers from Heeia Fishpond (Oahu) helping us (NPCO) in Nualolo Kai (May 2012)
Our Na Pali Coast 'Ohana SWATeam, Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Stephanie Fitzgerald and Dominique Cordy working in the lo'i cleaning the taro, Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Loving the view from my tent at Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Canen and Cowboy making 'uhu grinds! Yummy!!!
Kupaoa, May Day by the Bay, Hanalei, Kauai (May 2012)

President Oscar Temaru at Mahina, Tahiti (June 2012) for the "Transit of Venus"

At Pointe Venus for the reenactment of Captain Cook's 1769 "transit of venus" expedition, Mahina, Tahiti

Delicious dinners at my good friends, the Nouveau's, Tahiti
Moorea looking at Tahiti
My friend Teikimahalo (Mahalo, or Jean Claude),  longtime crew member on the Aranui 3

Black Pearls on Fakarava
Mila and Stephen, on the Aranui 3
Manaarii Maruhi playing the vivo, or Tahitian  nose flute, on the Aranui 3
Making fragrant umuhei at Omoa, Fatuiva
Straight out of the camera, looking out to sea, Marquesas
Hanavave, Fatuiva
One of my homes - Tiputa, Rangiroa
Grilled Uhu (Parrotfish), Rangiroa
Hokule'a, Hanalei, Kauai (Photo by Randy Wichman)
Alan Carpenter mapping Milolii, Kauai
Milolii, Kauai
Hawaiian Youth Conservation Corps Kauai Team with Keao NeSmith showing them how to stack pohaku (traditional Polynesian dry-stack stone masonry), Milolii, Kauai
Ahu, or ancient Hawaiian alter with ki'i (tiki), Milolii, Kauai
Randy Wichman, Mayor Bernard Carvalho, PaddyBoy Malama, Kelvin Ho,
Canen Hookano, and Alan Carpenter, Nualolo Kai, Kauai (July 2012)
Kahelelani Clark and Sabra Kauka making lei for Hokule'a, Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Kaina Makua ready for the uhu! at Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Anastasia and Alan making lei, Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Keao (foreground) and Peleke, wait to greet Hokule'a, Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Hokule'a at Nualolo Kai, Kauai (July 2012)
Dear Uncle Paddy Boy Malama, "King of Nā Pali Coast"
Keao NeSmith, Kaina Makua, Peleke Flores, and Mayor Bernard Carvalho greeting Hokule'a at Nualolo Kai, Kauai, July 2012
Sabra Kauka and Kahelelani Clark with lei for Hokule'a, Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Greeting Hokule'a to Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Maka (Atwood Makanani), July 2012, Nualolo Kai, Kauai

Excellent homemade local grinds! Soooooo ono!
dried fish and paiai (taro)
ingredients for awa ceremony

Well-deserved rest!

Nualolo Kai, Kauai
Aranui 3 crew members extraordinaire! (Vaihere, Bernard, Jorge, Mila, and Manaarii)
Avatoru, Fakarava, Tuamotu Atolls
My longtime good friend Moetai's Yacht Services, Taiohae, Nuku Hiva
Yoyo and Jan, on the Aranui 3 (Aug. 2012).  Classic!

Taiohae, Nuku Hiva
Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva

Kumuihei, Nuku Hiva

Umu lunch at Madame Yvonne's, Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva
Puaka (pig), breadfruit (mei, ulu, uru), bananas (maia), and taro (kalo) - YUMMY!!!

Our friend Tioka at Madame Yvonnes, Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva

Ancient pearlshell fishhooks I conserved in 2006 from Anaho, Nuku Hiva, now on display at the Hatiheu Museum
Ivi Poo we found in Anaho during fieldwork excavations (2006), now at the Hatiheu Museum
Archaeological panels made by Dr. Melinda Allen (of University of Auckland, New Zealand) regarding our fieldwork in Anaho, Nuku Hiva, displayed outside the Hatiheu Museum
Sweet Maia Vaianui, the Belle of Anaho, in the bottom photo (by Andi Crown).  Forever in our hearts....
Can you see me in the middle photo?  Fantastic crew and adventure!
Check out more photos from this archaeological expedition on my "Photo Gallery" page. 
Little Hatiheu pig drinking coffee! At Mama Tahina and Roger's house, Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva
Display at Ua Huka museum
Lunch on Ua Huka
Beautiful Marquesan dancer on Ua Pou
Canoe paddlers at Ua Huka
Ua Pou, local boys and chicken!
Hats and hair ornaments woven from pandanus, with feathers, Ua Pou
Beautifully carved fish from the "flower-stone" of Ua Pou
Award-winning Marquesan traditional dancers, Hakahau, Ua Pou
Ua Pou peaks - stunning!
Gravesite of Paul Gauguin, Atuona, Hiva Oa
Taking sacks of copra to the Aranui 3, Atuona, Hiva Oa
Handmade coconut cordage, Ua Pou
Gravesite of Jacques Brel, Atuona, Hiva Oa
at the Catholic Church in Vaitahu, Tahuata
Andre and Ingrid filming Mila on the Aranui 3
Poisson cru!
Umuhei, Omoa, Fatuiva
Making tapa (kapa) with breadfruit bark, Omoa, Fatuiva
At Puamau, Hiva Oa

Looking toward Haatuatua from Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva
At Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva (note the wooden horse saddle!)
My old bungalow at Raymond and Maia's, Anaho, Nuku Hiva. Great memories!
My best Aranui crew member, Stephen
Teihoarii, great crew member on the Aranui 3
Manaarii, on the Aranui 3

Beautiful Rose Corser at her very interesting museum in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva. Don't miss a visit if on Nuku Hiva!
Pavahina, old man's beard woven into a fan, at Corser's museum, Taiohae, Nuku Hiva
My good friend Arthur Nouveau (on right) and his cousin, Papeete, Tahiti
Variety of grilled fish, Rangiroa, Tuamotu - YUMMY!
Can never get enough! Rangiroa fish is the best!
Unu of Tupaia, carved by my good friend Eriki Marchand
Unu for Tavaru and Faafaite, carved by Eriki Marchand, Papeete, Tahiti
Unu at the nuclear memorial, carved by Eriki Marchand, Papeete, Tahiti
Makahiki Opening (Hawaiian New Year) at Hawaiian Hall, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
Fall at Kokee, Kauai

Looking toward Niihau and Lehua from Polihale, Kauai
Lucky we live Kauai!
Kalei Nuuhiwa teaching local Kona school kids about Hawaiian astronomy on Heiau Hapaialii,
Kahalu'u-Kona, Hawaii 

Keeku (upper) and Hapaialii Heiau, Kahalu'u-Kona, Hawaii
Hapaiali'i Heiau, Kahalu'u-Kona, Hawaii
Patrick Kirch and Randy Wichman at Kahua Kaneiolouma looking at 1952 map by Henry Kekahuna
Patrick Kirch and Randy Wichman examining an ancient polishing stone
at Kahua Kaneiolouma, Poipu, Kauai
Another beautiful sunset from Waimea, Kauai looking toward Niihau...
Life doesn't get too much better than this!

Mahalo for visiting my little blog!

Mālama pono, a hui hou,
 ~ Victoria 

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