June 15, 2012

Omoa and Hanavave, Fatuiva June 2012

One of my favorite islands is Fatu Hiva, or sometimes spelled Fatuiva. The Aranui stops at two villages here - Omoa and Hanavave. Each is unique in their cultural specialties and there are several demonstrations and plenty of great tapa and carvings to purchase for souvenirs. There is also an incredible hike that you can take from Omoa across the peaks to Hanavave. Although my bad knee won't let me take this hike, I understand it's one most beautiful.

Captivating dancer at Hanavave, Fatu Hiva wearing traditional breadfruit tapa (barkcloth) headpiece
Modern reproduction of a Tiki at Omoa, Fatu Hiva
Peaks of the village of Omoa, Fatu Hiva - where they have many stories of Pere from Tahiti, or Pele the Fire Goddess who voyaged  with her entourage to the Hawaiian Islands.
Drying sweet local bananas in Omoa, Fatu Hiva
Local bananas drying
Making cloth from the inner bark of breadfruit tree branches

Traditional breadfruit barkcloth

Umuhei, or kumuhei, - an aromatic made of sandal wood, pineapples, and many different flowers and herbs

U'u - decorative war club

U'u - decorative war club
Tuki popoi (pounders), container, and grinding stone

Dried coconut for copra (which is made into palmitin for oils and cosmetics etc)

Hanavave sunset, Fatu Hiva

Hanavave sunset, Fatu Hiva

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