June 9, 2012

On the Aranui 3, Tahiti, Fakarava, Nuku Hiva, and Ua Pou, June 2012

Lecture Cruising on the Aranui 3 from Tahiti throughout the Marquesas Archipelago and Tuamotu Atolls...

Ka‘oha nui! I am one of the guest lecturers onboard the Aranui 3, a 386-foot passenger/cargo vessel that cruises for two weeks from Pape'ete, Tahiti throughout the Marquesas archipelago, as well as a bit of the Tuamotu atolls.

The Aranui 3 is an exceptional adventurous cruise for those that like to get off the beaten path. I highly recommend this cruise! The voyage is extremely well organized with plenty of activities for everyone, both onshore and onboard the boat. 

Onshore, there are numerous archaeological, historical, botanical, and cultural sites to visit, along with some amazing beach time and picnics.  Onboard the boat you might want to learn how to dance Tahitian/Marquesan, play the "pahu" or traditional drum, learn to weave with pandanus, maybe try your hand at ukulele lessons, and there is always plenty of quiet relaxation that one seeks on a cruise, with an abundance of outstanding vistas, and heavenly sunrises and sunsets.

Visitors are treated to several exceptional traditional Marquesas dance troops, including the Aranui crew! Bring your camera!

The food, both on an off the boat, is amazing with a mélange of cuisines that include plenty of traditional Marquesan, Asian, and French. For some visitors it might be the first time to try breadfruit, taro, and even goat! Excellent!

The shopping is fantastic and well priced for traditional handmade crafts and unique artwork.

Not sure if there are any cruises quite as unique as this one.

Would love to have you join me! I give three lectures both in English and French. My topics include archaeology, ethnohistory, and material culture of the Marquesas, as well as traditional Polynesian voyaging and settlement. Sometimes I show slide shows of my photos from throughout the Marquesas and other islands of Polynesia.

My next lectures are scheduled for August 2012, as well as next year July [2013]. Please check out the Aranui 3 website for more information, or pop me an email. Would love to have you join me!

For now, please enjoy a few of the thousands of photos I shot during 2012. Check out some of my other Marquesas, Tuamotu, and Tahiti posts from 2012 and 2011 which you can locate in my "Archives" or on the sidebar links of this webpage.

Hope you enjoy!

Longtime Aranui crewmember Jean-Claude, more popularly known as "Mahalo".

Black pearls on Fakarava
Manaarii, Aranui crewmember extraordinaire!    

Aranui crewmembers, Mila and Stephan - my good dear friends.

Multi-talented Manaarii playing the traditional nose flute.
Taiohae, Nuku Hiva

Alter at Catholic Church at Taiohae, Nuku Hiva

Baptismal alter at Catholic Church in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva

Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva
Wooden Tiki at Kamuihei, Nuku Hiva
Hatiheu peaks, Nuku Hiva

Umu (traditional underground oven) cooked lunch with puaka (pig), mei (breadfruit), maia (banana), and taro

Ancient black pearlshell fishhooks from Anaho that I consolidated and curated while at UoAuckland, and framed by Randy. These were collected by Leopold Vaianui in Anaho and are currently on display at the new museum in Hatiheu.

Dear Tioka from Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva. Tioka was one of our former crewmembers during our work at Anaho.

Ivi Poo (pig bone cylinder for locks of hair or drum cordage etc) that was identified in one of my excavation units in Anaho. Now on display at the new museum in Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva.
Tapivai, Nuku Hiva
Peaks of Ua Pou
Ua Pou goodies waiting to go to Pape'ete    
Flower-stone sculptures on Ua Pou
Carving sandalwood balls on Ua Pou
Church on Ua Pou

Church on Ua Pou

Ua Pou

Koutau nui (mahalo nui!) for making the time to visit our little blog. 
Stop back again for future adventure updates! 
Mālama Pono!
A hui hou!
~ Victoria ❤

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